The Circus is Coming To Town | INSPIRATION STORY BOARD

– February 1, 2011 –

The CIRCUS is coming to town – but its not what you expect. It’s from another time and space. Aerial acrobats, a mixologist, dark vintage circus décor, and live performers is just a glimpse of what you will experience.

The highly regarded Dustin David gives back to the community to support amazing discoveries with the Leukemia and lymphoma society. You are all encouraged to join in the activities and support through this CIRQUE DE SANGE benefit. Cirque de Sang is literally “circus of blood”. We want to raise funds to save lives {LEUKEMIA is a BLOOD disease}.

Asiel Design is under writing the party providing the antique warehouse and creating the event design. See the photos of their warehouse and past parties. Be sure to come so you can step back in time with them and see their rendition of a vintage circus experience. All the ingredients to a fun party will be brought in including: Music {Dark Cabaret meets Baroque Dream Pop with elements of Ambient Electronica} | Performers | Vintage Cocktails | Costumes | Appetizers | Sweets | Ambiance | Art}. Asiel Design is a talented local company that will wow you as you walk into their space. Don’t miss out on this party. They are going over the top to help with this cause.

A silent auction from extraordinary local artisans will include: excursions, jewelry, wine, and dinning experiences. They will be great for gifts or personal celebrations. This is a silent auction you don’t want to miss.

Costumes are highly recommended to create the mood and experience for all. You are part of the show. See the photos for inspirations. Even a hat goes a long way. Please join in. The window lady creates true art. We are big fans of her work. Also Moon Zoom has fun items.

Aerial artists will be performing in a live show. Great acts include rope, aerial cube, and more. They put on an Amazing show. Louise is captivating!

Lacey Bryant and Jen Renzel will be incorporating some of their art into our event. They are some of our favorite local artists.

Cirque de Sange
May 14, 2011
7:00 pm
{8pm show time}

A show not to be missed…..
For tickets: call the great Dustin David Salon at 408.395.6225.

Professional photos and video will be shot during the event so check back in afterwards to see the highlights.

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