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Burning Man Wedding  |  Black Rock CityBurning Man Wedding  |  Black Rock CityBurning Man Wedding  |  Black Rock CityBurning Man Wedding  |  Black Rock CityBurning Man Wedding  |  Black Rock CityBurning Man Wedding  |  Black Rock CityBurning Man Wedding  |  Black Rock CityBurning Man Wedding  |  Black Rock City

The unexpected is all that happens when you’re at Burning Man.  A child plays in the sand as naked people walk by, a host of parachuters fall from the sky, a tractor pulled porch rolls by baking fresh edible cookies, thousands of Barbie dolls are lined up in a death camp and many other mind-boggling things happen.  This was the setting for our reception.  As an entire culture lives in costumes and lives cooperatively…we partied on!

After the ceremony in front of BLISS DANCE, we rode off in our trolley art car dancing away to booming music.  Many people joined as we celebrated.  An art installation of balloons was in the distance so we stopped and shot some photos.

Tara and Travis were in for a surprise when they got back to their reception.  The room had been transformed.  An oversized American Flag hung behind them.  Skulls, antique boxes, eclectic vintage vases and succulents lined the tables.  And a BBQ dinner awaited their guests.  The entire event was done with recycled and/or dried materials.  Vases filled with split peas held dried blooms.  Each was detailed with skeleton keys and watch gears.

The cake was made up of HoHo’s and Twinkies.  They were placed on trays raised by beer cans.  No detail was left undone.  The story of Tara and Travis began as they met at Burning Man several years earlier.  He rigged her canopy with twine and his generosity along with creativity, sparked a romance between them.  Thus twine was a design element repeated in each of the vessels.

Jonathan was communicating with Tara about her vision for the event.  As he took notes,  she mentioned her love for cowboy elements and so Jonathan began to get excited.  Tara was very trusting and we really surprised her.  On her blog, she writes: “To our surprise, our friends from Asiel Design showed up with more than their beautiful smiles, our bouquet and boutonniere.  Unexpectedly they transformed our humble playa home to a Cowboy Chic Wedding Reception!  WOW!  Again, it’s so difficult to find words to express our gratitude.  I only had one conversation with Jonathan….he was just asking a bunch of questions about Burning Man, about me and Travis, about our vision and about our ceremony.  It was like he crawled inside my head and saw what I wished we could have at our wedding.  He and Linnae created our dream reception.  You both are unbelievably talented….scary talented!  THANK YOU!”

To hear for yourself from Tara…. read Tara’s blog.

The first dance was set below a disco cowboy boot that Robert Fountain gave them. Each person brought something to the event.  It was truly a collaboration of love and warmth.  As the night wound down, the tractor pulled porch drove up and parked in front of our camp providing dancing, live music, cocktails and fresh baked cookies.  More to come next time including: Torching Barbie…stay tuned!!!

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PHOTOGRAPHY   |  kevin meynell photography |  catherine hall studios

RECEPTION LOCATION  |   11:11 camp

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