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burning man  |  EXPERIENCEburning man  |  EXPERIENCEburning man  |  EXPERIENCEburning man  |  EXPERIENCEburning man  |  EXPERIENCEburning man  |  EXPERIENCEburning man  |  EXPERIENCEburning man  |  EXPERIENCE

Burning Man is an adult wonderland with freedom of expression, filled with art installations so vast in scale that they boggle your imagination and is a time of reflection of the utopian society that we may be able to create (if for only 1 week of the year).

We entered the experience with eyes wide open –ready to explore the land of possibilities and eager to take in as much as we could, in our short visit.

There were some unforgettable moments. Everyone becomes equals as each of us is an artist, a poet and an explorer. Relationships are trapped in a moment without need of money or dependency on time. A few highlights of our trip were…

Picking up Sergey Brin, from the Black Rock City Airport. Linnae was dancing atop the trolley with Sergey, as we gave him his first (2010) tour into the city and dropped him off at camp. It’s not every day that you offer sunscreen to Sergey Brin.

Wandering in an art car (the Trolley) in the dead of night, in a city of lights. More people are up and partying in the night than during the day. As our trolley drifted through the open sand, a yacht pulled up and slowly passed us. Kevin, Jonathan, and Linnae jumped from the trolley car, ran across the sand and hopped onto the yacht. We danced a while and got up to the second floor. Out of curiosity, we climbed to the very top and danced among the stars. As we looked out, we noticed our trolley car had left us. We dismounted the moving yacht and hurried back to our trolley only to be intercepted by the scent of fresh baked cookies…and of course we stopped for those. Thank you front porch.

Have you ever noticed that there is something about fire that draws us closer – as if we are in awe of a force greater than ourselves? We had the opportunity at T&T’s wedding to torch a Barbie. Linnae chose one that resembled the image she felt Media portrayed she “should” be. She cursed in the air as 10 ft. of fire came from her torch gun and melted away the plastic image. She has walked a little taller with a bit of a smirk since then.

We are so thankful to have gone and can’t wait to get back there soon. Until then, we will create our own utopian society with love, generosity, dedication to creativity and endless wonder. We will bring the unexpected to our clients.

Thank you Today’s Bride for seeing the vision.

PHOTOGRAPHY   |  kevin meynell photography |  catherine hall studios

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