julia morgan ballroom | DRIPPING PEARLS

julia morgan ballroom | DRIPPING PEARLSjulia morgan ballroom | DRIPPING PEARLSjulia morgan ballroom | DRIPPING PEARLSjulia morgan ballroom | DRIPPING PEARLSjulia morgan ballroom | DRIPPING PEARLSjulia morgan ballroom | DRIPPING PEARLS

The Julia Morgan Ballroom is among the most sophisticated of spaces in San Francisco.  The dark wood panels and the architectural elements such as the fireplace and tin ceilings make it a hallmark in the city.

We wanted to create an opulent femininity in a space that demanded sophistication.    We searched out a curvaceous vase and dripped pearls off of it to emulate the neckline of a Hollywood star.

The detailing on the vase is as much part of the design as the floral.

I love to play with the glamour elements!  The florals on top of the vase are in the color scheme of soft cantaloupe, butter, and caramel.

This is not a typical color scheme, but we felt that it needed to be fresh without being washed out.  It is created with spring flowers including garden roses, calla lilies, French tulips, phaleonopsis orchids and stock.

It would be considered a high-end piece with a collection of satellite candles and petals.

Most locations will not allow open flame (candles not enclosed in glass), however we wanted to show this look as a romantic option for other facilities that would allow it.  Wildflower Linens created the table linen and we chose a simple piece to work with it.  This represents the concept that if the florals have enough drama, they can be paired with a more simple linen.

Enhanced Lighting designed the lighting.  The most beautiful of florals disappear with out proper lighting so we will never go with out it…this can make or break an event.  Tara of Arrowood Photography captured the drama.



VENUE  |  julia morgan ballroom

LINENS & CHAIR COVERS  |  wildflower linens

TABLE SETTING  |  classic party rentals sf

CHAIRS  |  chamelon chairs by classic party rentals

PHOTOGRAPHY  |  arrowood photography

LIGHTING  |  enhanced lighting

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