devon & andrei | EUROPEAN GARDENdevon & andrei  | EUROPEAN GARDENdevon & andrei  | EUROPEAN GARDENdevon & andrei  | EUROPEAN GARDENdevon & andrei  | EUROPEAN GARDENdevon & andrei  | EUROPEAN GARDENdevon & andrei  | EUROPEAN GARDENdevon & andrei  | EUROPEAN GARDEN

Devon is a classic beauty.  She is smart & talented…and is an entrepreneur.  These are just a few reasons to fall in love with her.  She is also gracious and warm.  Her friend next door noticed and eventually they began dating.   Andrei and Devon tied the Knot on 10.9.10.  We were so glad to be part of their wedding.  Kristina Taheri brought us on for the floral and event design.  Together we created a look to blow Devon and her mom, Linda away.  They own a vintage and glamour inspired French boutique in Campbell named Vintage & Vogue.

As we sat in their home, they showed us photo inspirations, talked colors and textures.  We listened and dreamed.  Off we headed to Hartmann to dream up the tent, fabric walls, carpets, china and chandeliers.  We love Hartmann because they understand scale and sophistication.  We wanted to create structure with denser fabrics, beams and mirrors to off play the flowing fabrics that we were bringing in with Wildflower linen.

Once we had the ideas, we put it all into a beautiful slide show and presented it to Devon and Linda.  They looked all teary eyed with smiles as they knew we nailed it.  They had great feedback and we made a few adjustments.

Devon wanted an outdoor wedding that felt like she was in a garden.  She decided to have it at her parent’s estate in Saratoga.  We played around with covering the pool to build out more space…but as I understood her true love for a European garden, I felt that the front yard was the best backdrop.  A few more flowers were planted in the gardens, we wound the chairs up the aisle around the center fountain and placed an enormous archway with gates above them covered in flowers.  Romantic swirls of petals flowed down the aisle.  Tall iron stands with dripping florals lined the walk way.  As the guests were shuttled in, they were dropped off at the front of the estate and given a refreshment.  All eyes were on Devon as she walked through her enchanted vintage garden up the aisle toward Andrei.  We were so excited to set the stage.  Stay tuned to see how we turned the tennis courts into a tent fit for a queen.  Michelle Walker has captured it beautifully.


LINENS & CHAIR COVERS  |  wildflower linens

TENT & RENTALS  |  hartmann studios

EVENT PLANNER  |  kristina taheri

PHOTOGRAPHY  |  michelle walker

VIDEO  |  weddings on film

LIGHTING  |  impact lighting

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