classic contemporary | RITZ CARLTON HALF MOON BAY

classic contemporary  |  RITZ CARLTON HALF MOON BAYclassic contemporary  |  RITZ CARLTON HALF MOON BAYclassic contemporary  |  RITZ CARLTON HALF MOON BAYclassic contemporary  |  RITZ CARLTON HALF MOON BAYclassic contemporary  |  RITZ CARLTON HALF MOON BAYclassic contemporary  |  RITZ CARLTON HALF MOON BAYclassic contemporary  |  RITZ CARLTON HALF MOON BAYclassic contemporary  |  RITZ CARLTON HALF MOON BAYclassic contemporary  |  RITZ CARLTON HALF MOON BAYclassic contemporary  |  RITZ CARLTON HALF MOON BAY

Holly was a wonderful person and an easy bride.  With an idea of her style, I was able to give her exactly what she wanted.  She was looking for a classic but contemporary wedding.  Ivory, gold, butter-cream, and champaign were her colors.
The Ritz Carltonin Half Moon Bay was her venue.  We wanted to work with the facility to bring the best design possible.  They have a gorgeous gazebo on site.  Adding fabric panels into it, created a wind-blown softness that created impact and also brought the contemporary design into the ceremony.  The classic elements were brought in by the swirls of ivory petals down the aisle.  The swirls added interest and kept the guests intrigued.A lot of times adding flowers to a Gazebo is gorgeous but not the most economical plan.  By creating two arrangements on either side of the gazebo, we were able to bring those flowers into the reception and repurpose them.  This is also a way to be green.  It is responsible to the time the flowers can be appreciated and gives them a double purpose.  We love to show respect to the flowers as they are giving their lives to create beauty for our clients.  They were placed on the head table afterwards.The bridal bouquet was made of ivory garden roses and spray roses.  To add impact, we created a cuff of gold skeleton leaves.  They are real leaves that have been treated to show the inside skeleton design of the leaf.  We love this texture as it reminds us of the deconstructed fabrics.

Our flower-girl is holding a pomander ball made of wood flowers. These are dried wooden hand made flowers.  I use them to add texture.  They will last much longer than the wedding so it is a great gift for the flower girl.  She will always have her pomander ball.

We also wanted to create a dramatic backdrop for the head table.  We used our candle walls.  These can be painted silver, gold, ivory, copper, etc.  We used the gold with floating candles in square vessels to bring the contemporary style into play.

Our centerpieces were designed in a Jeff Letham fashion.  He is a designer known for grouping each type of flower together and tilting it out of the vase.  It is a contemporary style, but we used classic flowers: hydrangea, phaleonopsis orchids, and calla lilies.  These were one of the styles of our centerpieces.  A silver Manzanita trees with dangling crystals was a second style.  And the third style low floral design brought interest to the room as when the guests walked in there were variations of design and height.

The Ritz Carlton is glowing with champaign linens and gold chairs.  It looks like the ballroom was designed around the wedding.  Debra from Tres Fabu is a wonderful planner.  She really pulled this event together seamlessly.



WEDDING PLANNER  |  tres fabu

VENUE  |  ritz carlton, half moon bay

PHOTOGRAPHY  |  jay kelly

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  • Debra Michelle Hiebert ~ Tres Fabu Event Planning and Design

    Jonathan & Linnae ~

    I am so looking forward to working with you again!

    This wedding was simply amazing because of your genious in the overall floral scope and vision for the white grouping of florals; coupled with natural artistry provided by the magnificent manzanitas that surely could stand alone by themselves within the walls of a museum.

    Your team on event day lead by Jonathan were full of smiles and positive attitudes abounded everywhere. Loved the team spirit we brought on behalf of Holly, Kevin and both their families.

    Looking forward to collaborating with you again and making dreams a blissful reality for all.

    Warmest wishes,


    • admin

      Thank you so much for the kind words and support. We love working with you as well. I hope to have the chance soon. You pour so much love into your events.

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