vintage femininity | RALSTON HALL

vintage femininity | RALSTON HALLvintage femininity | RALSTON HALLvintage femininity | RALSTON HALLvintage femininity | RALSTON HALLvintage femininity | RALSTON HALLvintage femininity | RALSTON HALLvintage femininity | RALSTON HALLvintage femininity | RALSTON HALLvintage femininity | RALSTON HALL

vintage femininity | RALSTON HALL


Amanda walked into our consultation with taste and personal style.  We had a great time.  She loved feathers, all things vintage, elements of jewels, and soft romantic flowers.  Amanda owns a fun fashion store {151Boutique} and is a creative entrepreneur.  The openness in her to creativity was captivating and inspiring.  We really played during the process.  We wanted to create drama wherever possible.Ralston Hall is a gorgeous venue.  Every time I had worked there we played with soft colors and romantic elements.  This time, we wanted to bring in a darker tone.  Our color scheme was Black, white and yellow with yellow being a small accent.  Choosing black linens was the first step to change the feel of this wedding.  From there we could pop off the white and yellow.  We worked with a black structured branch to defy the soft femininity that was typical of weddings.  In the branch we softened it with glass cones holding black monkeytails, ivory feathers,  and lizianthus.  This juxtaposition really brought the femininity back into the design.  We added a yellow sand into the glass cones for a touch of color.  Soft white cymbidium orchids  fluttered in the branches.  The white base was wrapped in a black crocheted lace for the vintage elements.  This was truly a contemporary take on vintage. Grace Ormonde published this.I just love the bouquets.  Peonies were in season as well as peony style tulips which have multiple petals.  We accented them with black tinted monkey tails and white feathers.  The ivory pins going up the black handle just bring the bouquet to life.  It is truly all about the details.The champagne beaded chuppah was simple in design but detailed in ornate beading.  This gave it a romantic elegant feel.   We just added a touch of floral to it, making it more about the fabric.The details of the crown cupcake tower and the dance cards continued her look.  She worked with Kristina Taheri to pull her wedding details together.  It just came off beautifully!  A big thank you to Michelle Walker for capturing the magic.

I walked away feeling proud to help make bride’s dreams come true.  And I was excited to create art in the process.


Linnae Asiel



VENUE  |  ralston hall

PHOTOGRPHER  |  michelle walker

EVENT PLANNER  | kristina tehari



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