the charms of yesteryear | THE WHITE WEATHERED BARN

the charms of yesteryear | THE WHITE WEATHERED BARNthe charms of yesteryear | THE WHITE WEATHERED BARNthe charms of yesteryear | THE WHITE WEATHERED BARNthe charms of yesteryear | THE WHITE WEATHERED BARNthe charms of yesteryear | THE WHITE WEATHERED BARN

There are times in life, when you discover a kindred spirit. Occasionally this happens in the design world as well. As we were preparing to attend our Cousin’s wedding in Greenport, we went to town for breakfast. A little side note, I had an amazing waffle with coffee ice cream on top. I felt like a kid. After breakfast we strolled around town and went window-shopping. I saw a little store on a side street the white weathered barn and made my way over. I was hoping that it would be cool but had minimal expectations. To my delight, it surpassed my highest hopes. It was delicately decorated with hand made art pieces created by Rena, her husband Jason, and her friends.

I love that. Her pieces included beach stones, intricate driftwood, fresh plants, vintage seashells, antique goblets and glass apocathary jars. It was incredible! I felt in tune with her sense of aesthetic and glad to know that others are displaying the beauty of nature in such a compelling style. She created driftwood wind chimes and art installations. She turned driftwood into a candle display. I felt like I was home at my dream beach house. If you get a chance to go in, I recommend it. It will delight your soul.

As I walked out with a bag of treasures, I had chills.
Linnae Asiel

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  • rena wilhelm

    How amazing are you that you wrote such wonderful things about my shop. I can not thank you enough. I was thinking of you & your trip to Italy. I had later heard that no flights were leaving or arriving due to the hurricane. I know you were going to see the pope & take in all that Italy has to offer. I hope the trip went well. MEANWHILE…after the storm I scoured the beaches & picked out sooooo many pieces of driftwood for you. Let me know if you want me to send you some for your beautiful designs!!

    • Asiel Design

      It was a little crazy in NY that week. We ended up driving to DC and making the flight to Italy on time. It was strange to be heading toward the storm but I had things to do and people to see. I would love to get some more branches from you. I need to order some of those light bulbs too. Should I call or email? I would like 12 bulbs and some more branches. I put together a beautiful piece in my kitchen from everything I got from you. I started with a silver platter and then added the branches, shells and some beach stones. I put some airplants and a succulent in too. I think of you every day now.

  • rena wilhelm

    you are way too cute and i can not begin to tell you what an amazing designer you are..I mean holy cow, talk about pushing the envelope with such style & grace. I am sure whatever you adorned on that silver platter looks amazing. you can order the bulbs online but i may have to take a picture of all the driftwood pieces to see how much of it you want.
    i will contact your email. Thank you again! I feel so lucky to have met you!