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Milan is a gorgeous city! It is the fashion paradise of the world – known for its fancy shopping, beautiful stores and incredible style. We toured the city with our local host family. The whole time, they wanted to show us a church. We had seen several already and were not that interested. After strolling the beautiful cobblestone streets of shopping, an incredible structure appeared behind the buildings. It was a massive gothic Cathedral. We were mesmerized by its stature and beauty. It pulled us toward it. The lense of the camera could not contain it or present the details that were available in real life. We were blown away.We love churches in general but heard that Milan was all about the shopping so with our limited time, didn’t want to tour the churches, but we quickly changed our minds. I explained to Marcus, our host, that this was not a church. This was a GOTHIC CATHEDRAL! If he said he was taking us to a gothic cathedral we would have gladly come along.

Inside there were beautiful paintings, mosaics, marble detailed flooring, and gothic arches. To be honest, my favorite part was the outside of the church. The white facade with the hundreds of inlaid statues each different was incredible.

In the back of the church a strange statue stood overhead. We asked questions and it turns out that an artist had found a sketchbook of Leonardo De Vince. He created a statue to present the sketch in a multiple dimensional design. It is a man wearing only his muscles and bones and ligaments holding his own skin over his shoulder. At the time this is what they knew of anatomy and the muscles and ligaments of a body. It was unusual to have it set in the Gothic Cathedral. The artist wanted us to know that this was not a pagan statue.

After hours in the cathedral we emerged back on the streets of Milan. Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Ferragamo, Moschino, Prada, Valentino, and other high fashion stores lined the streets tempting us with gorgeous fabrics and designs.
The Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele was an incredible shopping gallery that was built like an glass shopping Cathedral. It lured you in and created an elegant space to showcase each designer. It was the most beautiful shopping space I had ever seen. Here guards would stroll through the Galleria keeping the peace. I had to take a couple of photos with them. As we window shopped we thought of Wildflower Linen and all of their designs. Here Young has brought contemporary high fashion to life in the wedding and event world. You can see some of her inspirations through the windows.

As we walked through the Galleria we stopped at an elegant bookstore to pick up a guide book. Jonathan looked for it as I picked up an “ITALIAN VOGUE”. This is my favorite magazine. It is filled with fanciful provocative fashion and bodacious designs. It always pushes my imagination to the next level. Nearby was an Italian Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine. I pulled it off the shelf and strolled through its pages. There under Event and Floral Design, Northern California, was Asiel Design. This has to have been one of the coolest moments of my career. Here in a chichi shopping gallery, in Milan, right next to Vogue was my name in a magazine that I love. We took a photo and felt a little warm inside.

When we first entered the shopping areas, we walked toward a beautiful town square. There was a flower shop on the corner showing off it’s Ecuadorian roses. We were with the Rose King {my father in law who imports roses from Ecuador to San Francisco} so we had to stop. We looked at all of the beautiful flowers. It felt like a live art gallery. Jonathan bought me my favorite flower. You will see me holding it in a few of the pictures. It was a tropical variety that I had not seen. I am a huge lover of flowers since I was a child, so to have a new one is very special.

The day was perfect filled with beauty and romace. We had a hard time saying goodbye but Rome awaited us. We hopped on a train and I poured through the pages of Vogue all the way there.

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