winter blossoms | RITZ CARLTON, HALF MOON BAY

Winter Blossoms |  Ritz Carlton, Half Moon Baywinter blossoms |  RITZ CARLTON, HALF MOON BAYwinter blossoms |  RITZ CARLTON, HALF MOON BAYwinter blossoms |  RITZ CARLTON, HALF MOON BAYwinter blossoms |  RITZ CARLTON, HALF MOON BAYwinter blossoms |  RITZ CARLTON, HALF MOON BAYwinter blossoms |  RITZ CARLTON, HALF MOON BAYwinter blossoms |  RITZ CARLTON, HALF MOON BAYwinter blossoms |  RITZ CARLTON, HALF MOON BAYwinter blossoms |  RITZ CARLTON, HALF MOON BAYwinter blossoms |  RITZ CARLTON, HALF MOON BAY

Entering Lorena and Jaime’s ceremony was much like falling asleep and waking in a dream.  It took place at the gorgeous Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay.  The surprise was that it was all in a tent on top of the parking lot.  It was gorgeous inside and out.  As the guests walked in on a white carpet runner encircled with beautiful shrubs, they knew it would be grand, but they had no idea how dramatic and elegant it actually was.Jewels sparkled from the tailored 10’ trees and the many chandeliers.  We wanted to create an impactful ceremony area so we set four trees arching slightly toward eachother around the bride and groom.  Lining the back wall were arrangements that focused on each type of flower.  Roses, hydrangea, calla lilies, and phaleonopsis orchids arched from the various glass vases.  The water in the vases reflected light beautifully.  Set below the fabulous arrangements, were vases of submerged dendrobium orchids.  The combination of the vases created an impactful backdrop of elegance and sophistication.The clear vase was echoed for the unity candle.  Here we used an acrylic pedestal with florals on it to keep with the style.  I love that photo.  Geoff White photography did an amazing job capturing the elegance and clean lines that built this event.  One element in contemporary design is a repetition of elements.  We start with a design and then place a similar concept in near by areas so they all work together.  We repeated our designs by using the trees up the aisle as well.  We also used the design of the tall vases that focused on one type of flower by linging the back of the chairs with them.  The guests felt like everywhere they turned a flower reached out for a kiss.

Rebecca Reategui is an incredibly talented planner. She seamlessly planned this event creating time and space for the many professionals to work within.  We had 30 designers on our team installing the trees, and wiring on the orchids and crystals.

We were glad the tent went up the day before giving us time to add in the trees and flowers.   The design we choose to work with are a time sensitive design.  It can not be created ahead of time and set in the room.  Each tree has to be set in the containers and weighed down into place.  Then, we can come in on ladders and wire each orchid and hang each crystal into place.  There are not trucks big enough to allow us to set them up and bring them as is.  We can paint the branches, count out and label the orchids, string and lay out the crystals, and decorate the pedestals for the trees, but the actual finished product must be created on site.

Lorena and Jaime were so happy to walk into their wonderland.  The dark suits, and dresses looked beautiful against the soft ivory background.
I can’t wait to show you next week what we did for the cocktail area.  The only factor that they had in common was their glamour and impact.  They were ready to party.  Be sure to check it out.


PLANNER SYLIST |  rebecca reategui

EVENT DESIGN  |  Rebecca Reategui in partnership with Asiel Design

VENUE  | ritz carlton, HMB

PHOTOGRPHER  |  geoff white photography

VIDEO |  avr films

TENT & LIGHTING  |  classic party rentals

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