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During our short trip to Rome, we came across this beautiful jewel in a local vintage and antique market.  The one room boutique was bright and sophisticated.  I loved every last detail of the colors, textures, and  eclectic vintage design elements.   The beautiful writing on the glass door enticed us inside.


Walking in felt like stepping back in time.  Vintage dresses hung on the left side boasting chiffons, satins, silks, lace, and embroidered fabrics.  Individual hats hung to the right on hooks and shelves.  Each piece felt like it told it’s own story of seduction, bliss, and power struggles.  The shop keeper created each hat from her imagination.  They were fanciful and provocative.  I still which I bought one!  I was inspired by her combination of colors from the green fresh paint, to the red and white striped matte in the frame.  The juxtaposition of the crystal chandeliers, antique wood, and the antlers on the wall was astounding.  I found  myself amazed at her creativity.


I am still waiting to design out an event or a room based on this inspiration.  I keep a photo on my vanity and enjoy the way the room glows in a million shades of green.  I lost the contact information for the store and the delightful woman who is the brainchild.  I apologize for not keeping better notes, but hope that you enjoy this as much as I do.


~Linnae Asiel

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