paradise botanicals | THE POPE’S PRIVATE GARDEN

We had the amazing opportunity to visit the Vatican Gardens. This is a private garden that the person we were staying with gave us access to. It sits behind St. Peters Bascillia on on the Vatican State, guarded by Swiss guards. It felt like serious VIP treatment.


The Vatican is it’s own state within Rome. It was surreal visiting this lush paradise full of exotic plants from around the world. The garden is maintained for weekly visits from the pope to walk and ponder the worries of the world and the uncomprehendible connection to GOD.


The landscape was scattered with various statues and icons from around the world. It was unusual to find this paradise in the middle of a very concrete and dry looking Rome.


There was even a launch pad for his Helicopter.  The place was serene and quiet.  Exotic Birds nested in the branches and twirped to each other.  We loved out time there.  I hope you enjoy these pictures. Check back next week as we head into St. Peter’s Bascillia.”


~Linnae & Jonathan

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