layers of decadence | ST. PETERS BASILICA

St. Peters Basilica is by far the most impressive church, or building for that matter, that I have ever seen. It is the headquarters of the Catholic Church located in Rome.  We had just completed our private tour of the Vatican Gardens and walked through the gates guarded by Swiss guards.


The columns are so massive that people look like ants next to them. The doors are so oversized that walking into this cathedral is like walking into another world. The ceilings are high and they appear to reach to heaven. It was almost overwhelming walking through this church. There is so much art to look at. Every detail is a masterpiece from the famous Pieta statue, to an alter designed by Michelangelo himself. The church is breathtaking and over the top.


The idea of this church may be clear, “God is big and we are small”. Yet others may view it like this, “Look at what we, as humans, have made”.


Whatever view you may hold, this cathedral feels like another world. Space and time seem to stand still. Even though the church was built over many years, it’s still hard to believe that it was made by human hands.


Also, many popes are laid to rest beneath this church. Some are even on display. For those who know me know that I love old churches and religious art. From that point of view this venture was a highpoint for me. But there was another thought that crept into my mind, “Why such a display of wealth and power?” This also troubled me.


I am still finding balance between the love of art and the money spent here. What are your thoughts?


I am also reminded of this quote; “Nature is God’s revelation. Art is man’s revelation.”


~Linnae & Jonathan

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