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modern sensuality | THE CLIFT HOTEL

Here’s a funny story. Linnae & I actually know Chris (the groom) from college. We went to the same bible college and reunited again at his wedding (which is unusual within itself,because it was such a small school). I didn’t … Continue reading

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fairytales do come true | NICOLE & CURTIS

Every once in a while someone comes into your life and changes your life. Every once in a while an event changes your life. Nicole & Curtis did both of those for Linnae & I. My dad had met Nicole … Continue reading

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god and humanity | SISTINE CHAPEL

Those of you who know me know that I am an artist (oil painter) and I am enthralled with religious art, so having an opportunity to visit Rome and the Sistine Chapel was really exciting for me. I really didn’t … Continue reading

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asian american fusion | HALF MOON BAY

I never met Anna & Richard. They met with Linnae & I was not at their wedding. I only had the opportunity, like many of the readers of this blog, to see the pictures of their wedding without actually being … Continue reading

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