fairytales do come true | NICOLE & CURTIS

Every once in a while someone comes into your life and changes your life. Every once in a while an event changes your life. Nicole & Curtis did both of those for Linnae & I.
My dad had met Nicole and Curtis at the flower market. He found out that her and her mother were looking for flowers for their wedding. My dad was so touched by her that he decided to donate flowers for her wedding. Over the next few weeks my dad grew more and more fond of this couple and he enlisted the services of his industry friends and family to throw Nicole a dream wedding. They didn’t ask for any of this I just know that it made my dad feel good to be involved.
When my dad approached Linnae & I we were touched by the thought but also concerned because it was the weekend before our biggest event of the year. We knew that we would be scrambling to pull off this event but much like my dad did, we fell in love with Nicole & Curtis and even Cheryll, Nicole’s mother.
As an event designer we see a lot of weddings. Everything from a wedding that we did at Burning Man to an event at the most prestigious hotels with seemingly unlimited budgets but Nicole & Curtis’ wedding was different. It taught me to believe again. To dream again. If your eyes are open, that fairytales really do come true. I was touched by their wedding and by being involved. I am blessed by the family I gained in this whole process. It was a fairytale wedding and how did our big event the following week go??? Amazing but I will say this; I think God dropped Nicole & Curtis’ wedding on our lap the week before the “big job” just to show us what really matters in life. People teaching me that the amount of money you spend at an even is irrelevant. What really matters is the amount of love at an event. That’s what makes and event rich. Love and the ones around us whom we love.
I’m not going to focus on their disabilities because they don’t. I want to focus on the positives because that’s what Nicole & Curtis do and that’s what I learned from them.
Thank you Nicole & Curtis for teaching me something special and making me believe again.
FLORAL DONATION  |  jon gomez sr. of americana flower brokers
LINEN DONATION  |  alana bournas of napa valley linens
CAKE DONATION  |  jen kwapinski of jen’s cakes

PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO DONATION  |  david ethridge of avr films
VENUE  |  wildwood acres


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