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I’ve seen a lot of pictures of weddings at Nestldown and I am glad to say that this wedding was a little different. Theresa & Bryan came to us with their own personal style. They loved Nestldown but wanted to do something different there. The idea was to break away from the classic or rustic style which we often see here and, instead, add black touches of goth.
I think that Tanja Lippert did a great job photographing this venue. She was really able to capture the enchanting vibe of Nestldown like few photographers could. Looking at these pictures it’s no wonder why A list celebrities such as Nicolas Cage have chosen Nestldown as a place to wed. It is secluded and feels like another world. I also like the way that Tanja photographed this couple. I laugh as I type this because I have told Tanja in the past that she does a great job of “posing” her clients. She tells me that she doesn’t like that term because she doesn’t “pose” people, she directs people. The difference definitely comes through in the pictures, don’t you think?
I am in love with the bouquet that we did for this wedding. Linnae used black magic and the very rare black bacarra roses. She also added her signature monkey tails and the black feathers were a nice touch. For the centerpieces we used black Manzanita branches and submergible florals. The design was understated yet appropriate for the theme. Like I said before, it was good to do something different at Nestldown.

~Jonathan Asiel


PHOTOGRAPHY | tanja lippert
PLANNER | twitterpated weddings
VENUE | nestldown

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