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Linnae and I recently took a trip to Los Angeles to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary. The purpose of our trip was to revisit all the places that we used to go while we lived in LA to gain inspiration.


During our journey, I strayed off the path and found myself in an antique store that I had only been in once before. Upon my visit, the antique dealer asked me if I had ever heard of Tony Duquette. I answered “No,” being more intrigued with his antiques than by his question. He then pulled out a rather large, coffee table sized book that read TONY DUQUETTTE across the cover. With my growing curiosity, I opened the book only to unveil “off the wall” images that looked more like they were from a dream, rather than from someone’s home. My design world changed completely. I saw beautifully, bizarre images that appeared to defy the “rules” that so many designers try to follow. However, more than anything, I saw artwork from a designer that seemed to be comfortable with himself, and his point of view.


If you ask me, I believe that the magic to Tony’s work is in his details. He conveyed this through a diversity in textures and vibrancy of colors. To me, his work is a wonderful blend of modernity and bohemia happily living side by side. I was blown away to discover that Mr. Duquette was designing rooms that were way ahead of his time (Tony was born in 1914 and lived until 1999). As an event designer, Tony inspires me to dream a little, to think out side of the box, and most of all, to be myself.


Jonathan Asiel


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