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Last week we shared about our trip to Virginia City, and as promised here are pictures of the cemetery. If you ever wondered what a cemetery would look like in a ghost town then wonder no more, because Virginia City is a perfect example of what one looks like. This cemetery is over a hundred years old and many of the tombstones (at least the ones that survived) date back to the 1800’s.
Located on the outskirts of town this cemetery rests on a peaceful secluded hill. There really is nothing in this cemetery that even hints that it is the 20th century so walking around this place feels like taking a step back in time. Our visit was especially haunting given the weather. Locals say that Virginia City only gets about 2” of rainfall a year. But on this day the rain well exceeded the yearly total. It was a particularly moody day with lots of thunder, which only added to the mystic.
This cemetery inspired us from a design perspective as well. We were particularly inspired by nature on this lonely hill. I love the old trees that sporadically sprout out of this cemetery. I have dreamed about doing a graveyard themed event using trees like this to help give it a graveyard feel. After this trip I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens because we found some old branches in an adjacent lot that would fit the look.

After our trip to the cemetery we visited our favorite saloon in town. It is the bar in the famous Gold Hill Hotel. “Why is it famous?,” you may ask. Because it’s known for being super haunted!! Ask any employee there or maybe a guest who as stayed in one of the rooms upstairs. Ask about Rosy, the ghost who is known for spraying her rose-pedaled perfume.


We also like the stone bar. It is a great place to find locals like our friend pictured above. He looks like a miner right out of the 1800’s. There is also a tradition at this bar. If you are willing to part with a dollar you can have it taped to the ceiling so that every time you come back you can see your dollar up there. The only problem is finding a spot. But we did find a crevice up there that we taped an ASIEL dollar bill. So if you ever make your way up to Virginia City, be sure to stop by this bar and spot our dollar☺


Got to run though because we are heading out to Burning Man today. I am sure that we will have some cool Burning Man blogs coming up in a few weeks so be sure to check back!


~Jonathan Asiel



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