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rustic restoration | PHOTO-SHOOTS 2012

Rustic Restoration was our 2112 brainchild. When we approached this shoot the idea was simple, let’s put a lot of the things that were inspiring us into one shoot. Here were some of the elements that we were sure to … Continue reading

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let it burn | BURNING MAN 2012

Today’s blog chronicles our last few days at this Burning Man. This week long festival is truly an unusual place. You could see that I found a zip line in the desert. It was fun but I don’t recommend it … Continue reading

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the temple | BURNING MAN 2012

When people ask me why I like Burning Manthe answer that comes to mind is that anything is possible. There are no limits and there are certainly no ”norms”. Linnae and I had the unique opportunity to go to Burning … Continue reading

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jennifer & stephen | CLIFT HOTEL

I have always thought that designing at the Clift Hotel in San Francisco seemed so effortless. It’s modern and sophisticated and as an event designer it’s nice because it’s already so well designed. For this reason we recommended the Clift … Continue reading

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