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When people ask me why I like Burning Manthe answer that comes to mind is that anything is possible. There are no limits and there are certainly no ”norms”. Linnae and I had the unique opportunity to go to Burning Man 2012. For those of you who are not familiar with Burning Man, it is a “week long experiment in community, art, radical self expression and radical self reliance.” As event designers Linnae and I mainly go to experience art and to be inspired by a different form of life.


While roaming the desert it is the unusual that is usual. We met up with some of our best friends Aaron and Sydney. Aaron is the rock star looking guy along with Sydney on a unicycle. Along the way we found an oasis in the middle of the desert made out of hundreds of thousand of zip ties. Again this is not unusual there. It’s just an example of what one may find at Burning Man. There is also the freedom to be yourself (or at least the self you always dreamed of being). I guess it’s kind of like Vegas but from a more artistic perspective.


Two of the major events at Burning Man are the burning of the man and burning of the temple. (The burning of the man we will blog about next week). But my personal favorite is the temple. This year the temple name was Juno (coinciding with the 2012 theme of Fertility, Juno was a Greek goddess of fertility).


Every year thousands of people meet at the temple all week long and write notes on the temple to loved ones who have passed. The general atmosphere of the temple is one of reverence and it is not unusual to have visitors get in touch with their emotions and grieve the loss of a loved one. The temple was one of the most intricate wooden structures I have ever seen. It was pieced together much like a puzzle with wooden parts. There were no visible nail or screws in this massive structure.


At the end of the week, on Sunday to be more precise, the Burning Man community will gather around the temple and watch it burn. Watching this structure burn was surreal. I have never seen a larger fire in my life and the heat was intense. The previous night, Saturday, was the burning of the man and the atmosphere was much different. It was a loud party but at the temple it is not so. For the most part there is silence as flames engulf this massive structure.


Check back next week at we watch the man burn…


PHOTOGRAPHY: Jonathan & Linnae Asiel (using the iPhone app “Hipstamatic”)
LAST PHOTO : Kevin Rolly

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