rustic restoration | PHOTO-SHOOTS 2012

Rustic Restoration was our 2112 brainchild. When we approached this shoot the idea was simple, let’s put a lot of the things that were inspiring us into one shoot. Here were some of the elements that we were sure to use: terrariums, succulents, bottles, salvaged parts and wine strap orbs to name a few. I guess you would say that these elements were a snapshot of who we were and still are in 2012.
We saw elements of this shoot in the interior design world but hadn’t really made a splash into the wedding design world yet. We were inspired by some elements of Restoration Hardware (where we derived part of the name of this shoot) and tried to bring it into the wedding world with success. This shoot was released in the beginning of 2012 and has had a great influence on many of our clients who wanted either some or many of these elements to be utilized in their special event.
Although this shoot was trend setting for us it also touched on a more serious matter. That is the importance of having a green wedding or event. Along side of creating this design we also did a lot of research on green events and the impact that events have on the world. We researched topics like fair-trade, the usage of pesticides and other toxic chemicals used in floral design. (Keep your eyes out as we ended up writing a 5-part blog on Greener events, which we haven’t released yet).

We were determined to make a new wedding style that could be called “green.” There were no cut flowers in this whole photo shoot except for succulents. We also got into the practice of reusing and replanting succulents from event to event. Turning our plants into rentals and able to be used over and over again in hopes of reducing the environmental impact on the world. In the end all we felt proud of our selves. Both for the beauty we created in Rustic Restoration and the beauty that we were able to preserve in not being wasteful. Leave a comment and let us know what you think about this philosophy and design.


Also be sure to check back next week as we show you another shoot with a lot of theses same elements except next week’s design has more of a mixology bar vibe to it. Also take a moment to view the video on from this photo shoot. It’s the middle video 3rd row down.





PHOTOGRAPHY  |  arrowood photography

SCROLL MENU  |  marizette paperie

RENTALS  |  hartmann studios

VIDEO  | avr films

CAKE  |  jen’s cakes

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