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a dark fantasy | CIRCUS PHOTO SHOOT

Earlier this year we blogged about the fundraiser we did for Dustin David and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation. What we haven’t blogged about yet was the wedding inspired dark circus photo shoot that coincided with this event. So in … Continue reading

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indian infusion | HAYES MANSION

A lot of people don’t know this but we do a lot of Indian weddings. I think this happens because we are able to juggle two worlds. Parents of our brides and grooms are usually looking for a more traditional … Continue reading

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emily and will | KOHL MANSION

I guess one day Linnae and I were googling ourselves and we came across some really cool pictures of a wedding at the Kohl Mansion. As we looked closer at the images we realized “hey we did this wedding”. We … Continue reading

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Rustic Restoration Revisited

Last week we shared a photo shoot we called Rustic Restoration. This week we are featuring a redesign of Rustic Restoration.  We call this shoot “Rustic Restoration Revisited.” A bridal show had called us asking if we were interested in … Continue reading

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