Rustic Restoration Revisited

Last week we shared a photo shoot we called Rustic Restoration. This week we are featuring a redesign of Rustic Restoration.  We call this shoot “Rustic Restoration Revisited.”
A bridal show had called us asking if we were interested in showcasing a design that would be trendsetting and would appeal to brides. It was such a tight time frame that we really did not have any time to put a totally new idea together so we recycled elements of our Rustic Restoration shoot into this showcase. I wasn’t too concerned that this look would be trendsetting, but would brides really like it?

So often in the wedding world we get inundated with what a wedding “should” look like. What it “should” feel like. We often see traditional flowers and white flowing fabric presented as an ideal of what a wedding is. So understandably, I had reservations showcasing this design. But as it turns out it was the hit of the show. Even the celebrity designers that were there (like Preston Bailey) were impressed and wanted to blog about it.


Our prospective clients were also impressed. It turns out that a lot of the clients that hire us to design their weddings are sick of the “shoulds” and really just want a design that reflects their personality.


Much like the original shoot we utilized the succulents and terrariums as the floral design. We kept the vibe “rustic meets hipster” and utilized our wine barrel strap orbs as hanging chandeliers. Although we kept a lot of the same elements from the original photo shoot, as designers we also wanted to tweak a few things. For instance on the lay out we made it more about mixology and the space that we built felt more like a underground bar than a wedding reception.


We used darker colors for the fabric drape and wooden tables in hopes of a more residential feel. The last major change was the lighting. Instead of a daylight ascetic that we incorporated in the original shoot, we went with a more ambient lighting and candlelight feel. Of course you couldn’t tell from the pictures but we also had some Etta James playing in the background to complete the feel. Clients loved it and guests wanted to stop by for a drink.


For those of you who saw last week’s Rustic Restoration and this week Revisited, which look appealed to you more?

~Jonathan Asiel


PHOTOGRAPHY | jade studio productions
SCROLL MENU | marizette paperie
RENTALS | hartmann studios

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