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A lot of people don’t know this but we do a lot of Indian weddings. I think this happens because we are able to juggle two worlds. Parents of our brides and grooms are usually looking for a more traditional Indian design, utilizing vibrant colors and ornate details. A lot of times our bride and groom are looking for something a little more modern. Shalini’s wedding pictured above is a mixture of these two worlds.


For the ceremony we utilized our wrought iron dome gazebo. Linnae has a knack for Indian color scheme and her florals seem to dance with excitement. We made garlands of carnations that were finished off with tassels imported from India. The look was lush and abundant. There was also the traditional Indian furniture that was used to finish off this look and the paisley patterned isle petals were a nice touch.


For the ceremony we went in a completely different direction. It was much more contemporary. The design played off of lighting and candles. We left the abundant ascetic behind as well. Instead our centerpieces were our sculptural Manzanita trees that were adorned in jewels and sparkled as they were hit with spotlights. Even the color scheme changed from a vibrant orange palette to moody violent tones.


This wedding took place at the Hayes Mansion. It is an ideal venue for Indian weddings and they do a ton of them. They allow large groups of 300 and more and they allow open flames, which is necessary for the ceremony. Also if you want to have an elephant or horse be part of your ceremony that is not a problem either.


I think the two designs made both our bride and groom happy because both of their visions were created in separate areas.


-Jonathan Asiel


PHOTOGRAPHER | samay studio
VENUE | hayes mansion

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