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We got a late start on our Christmas tree this year. We just put it up a few days ago because we had our hands full with some photo shoots. On the way to pick up a tree, Linnae asked me what I thought about creating a gothic Christmas tree? We had just wrapped a gothic photo shoot so the aesthetic was fresh on our mind and we spontaneously decided to go that route.
To be honest I did not know how it would turn out. But it was where we were at as people and designers. Not to mention that the opportunity to do something different was also intriguing.
So we started with a bare tree, added Christmas lights for softness then wired old branches into the tree to make it more sculptural and gothic. From there it was just about adding different design elements that we had been playing with in our photo shoots. The trick was to keep it whimsical and airy because some of the elements were on the darker side. We might also be the first in history to create a tree that has these design elements:
A vintage cross on the top, vintage photographs, vintage antlers, vintage books, rope balls, bleached mushrooms, vintage animal jawbones, black birds, vintage seashells, sunflower heads, cork floats, cotton balls, hollow eggs twine balls, old trunks at the base of the tree and of course old branches salvaged from a lot adjacent to a graveyard.
The surprising thing about this tree was that it doesn’t feel so dark. Rather it was a great expression of who we are and where we are at in life. This is a goal that we try to promote to all of our clients and colleagues: “Be who you are in all that you do.”
I hope you enjoy these pictures and have a Merry Christmas!


~Jonathan Asiel


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