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One of our cover/editorial shoots that we just wrapped for Today’s Bride was called Decadent Glamour. We chose this theme for two reasons. The first reason being that this glamour theme was very different from the three other covers that we shot and we wanted to have some type of balance over all throughout the magazine. And the second reason was to try and feature a ballroom-wedding look within a cover shoot, (because we think that this style is going to be big in 2013).
To help us with this over the top theme we chose the very decadent Palace Hotel.  The plan was to go in there and do a shoot that really picked up on the Palace Hotels’ stately architectural features. We wanted this shoot to have abundance and almost feel like it was “too much.” We wanted to evoke the feeling that nothing was held back.
For this shoot we had five stylized looks and created two main sets. I don’t want to give away too much but one set had about 10 chandeliers in a 12’x14’ space while the other set was a fully decked out kings table (fit for a queen) with 17+ cakes at the settings.
A lot of things inspired us within the storyboard above. But one of the main inspirations was a perfume campaign launched by Dior for the J’adore perfume line. Charlize Theron was the model for this campaign. We loved the lighting, the chandeliers and the jewel tones. These inspirations steadily appeared within our shoots. These elements really were essential in conveying a glamour theme. We also used lots of candelabras and mercury vessels to add to the theme and to give brides and grooms tangible ideas to create this look for their wedding.We hope this shoot inspires you. Be sure to check it out in Today’s Bride upcoming 2013 edition.~Jonathan Asiel

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