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melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR 1 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.002 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.003 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.004 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.005 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.006 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.007 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.008 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.009 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.010 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.011 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.012 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.013 melissa and hakeem  |  URBAN GLAMOUR.014

Melissa and Hakeem’s wedding was not a photo shoot although it looks like it came right out of an Armani catalog. I love the sophisticated and opulent vibe that Cliff Brunk captured here. I’ve seen a lot of wedding images throughout the years but I really feel that Cliff was able to capture some shots that I haven’t seen before. I also really like the way that he interacted with the architecture along with this couple.
I call this wedding Urban Glamour because I think it’s got a good mixture of a contemporary urban vibe yet still has a lot of glamorous bling. The look that we put together for this wedding wasn’t really so over the top but there still is a sense of abundance and richness that comes with a well thought out design. 

For Melissa’s bouquet we blinged out a classic white bouquet with broaches and jewels. It definitely had a clean look. We kept Hakeem’s boutonniere stylish and sleek with a single white calla lily (which is probably my favorite flower for boutonnieres).


For the centerpiece we went with four different styles to show variation and texture. For our first centerpiece we used our sculptural tree with hanging jewels. This centerpiece just has a timeless look to it. For our second centerpiece we put a floral design on top of our chandelier stand that was also adorned with crystals. The next two looks were more subtle yet still able to make a statement. We used a low floral on top of classy mercury riser and the final look was sleek glass vessels with floating candles.


With any design it is important to get in touch with your style and what you like and best reflects who you are. For Melissa and Hakeem their style came through in the big picture and in the details.


Jon Asiel



PHOTOGRAPHER  |  cliff brunk

VENUE  |  City Club of San Francisco

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