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Being that it is now spring, I thought that sharing this wedding was appropriate. Mike and Julie had a spring inspired wedding at Nestldown. Nestldown is a beautiful (mostly outdoors) wedding venue, “nestled’ in the Santa Cruz Mountains. There is a lot of greenery there that usually makes vibrant colors like yellow pop.
For the ceremony we hung birdcages from various levels on their Wisteria archway. We also lined the ceremony aisle with hanging tin constrainers and clusters of vibrant yellow flowers. Mike and Julie also had the theme of keys running throughout their wedding. So whether it be keys suspended from glass vases or key inspired escort cards hung on our antique doors, we definitely tried to work in the key element.
Linnae and I really do love incorporating vintage pieces into weddings. We think it adds character and the idea of being timeless to an event. So any place that we can fit antiques into a design we will. We also used another set of vintage doors as part of an appetizer display. Again, this was another detail that went a long way for the guests.For their reception, we used our sandblasted Manzanita trees as centerpieces. They were the perfect statement pieces for this outdoor setting. Although the branches were rustic the centerpiece it self had a lush feel as the base of the branch was heavy in florals and the branches held glass cones with clusters of flowers. Overall the look was clean and playful.


Joyce Becker from Events of Distinction did the event design for this job. She picked out cool hued blue linens for the reception tables that were complimented by white Chivari chairs. She also did a great job picking out modern lounge furniture that created a great space for an after party the barn.


Jonathan Asiel


EVENT DESIGN | events of distinction
PHOTOGRAPHY | catherine hall studios
VENUE | nestldown

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