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It could be said that Courtney and Chris are a “disgustingly beautiful couple”. They got married at the Mountain Winery and Ashley Maxwell was there to capture it. I love the way that everything came together for this wedding. Most people would not think about fusing glam décor elements with Gothic elements at a Rustic venue, but that’s exactly what we did for this wedding.


We see the opulent glamour look showing up in Courtney’s bridal bouquet. It was decked out with oversized Black Magic Roses imported from Ecuador and “blinged” out with an all rhinestone handle. We also see the glam décor in our Sculptural Manzanita Trees that were placed at the ceremony and dripping with strung crystals. These trees created a focal point at the ceremony set on top of modern Lucite Boxes. The ceremony took place on the Mountain Winery’s deck which over looks the Silicon Valley. The day was sunny and beautiful.


We did switch up the décor a bit once we got to the reception. We kept the sculptural branches and jewels but the surprise came in our black Lion Stands that reflected a gothic look. The Lion Stands rose up large deep red centerpieces and were alternating centerpieces on some tables while the Sculptural Trees were on others. Both looks gave a lot of height and drama. The glam and gothic worked well in juxtaposition to one anther. I believe that part of the reason these two styles went so well together was due to the continuity of the red roses. Keeping the red in both centerpieces drew both designs together in a seamless way. Everything looked beautiful that day including the weather, the décor, and the couple.


Design Tip:

When playing with different design aesthetics try unifying the looks with one color that brings continuity to the design.


Jon Asiel


PHOTOGRAPHY | ashley maxwell
VENUE | mountain winery

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