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Welcome to our 100th blog!!! I actually did not realize we hit 100 blog postings until my assistant Greg, told me right before I wrote this.. So I wanted to say thank you for sharing this moment with us. It has been so exciting sharing our lives with you and sharing what inspires us. I am glad that the 100th blog is a little more on a personal note, showing you a trip that we recently took to the Hearst Castle. It has been the vision of Linnae and I to not only share with you the world as we see it as designers but also as human beings. We are passionate to share what excites us and what we like to do in our personal time, which leads us to our trip to the Hearst Castle.


Last week I had blogged about our evening tour of the Hearst Castle and today we are sharing images of the same place on a daytime tour. I was truly amazed at how different the castle looks in the daytime. The evening tour evoked ambiance and romance and the castle had a strong gothic vibe to it. The daytime tour showed off all the color and richness that the Hearst Castle embodies. The castle still came across baroque but in the daylight it appeared to have much more of French influence to it.


In the last post I had mentioned that renowned Julia Morgan had been the architect of the Hearst Castle but few people know that she was also the interior designer has well. The Hearst Castle boded many intricate wood carved ceilings and the finest drapery and details throughout that were lost in the evening tour. Although the Hearst Castle has many masculine features, Julia Morgan did leave a feminine touch that is apparent in her interior design.


The daytime tour was beautiful. At the end of the tour we sat poolside and enjoyed the beautiful California sunshine. It was a great family moment with Linnae, our little puppy, Emily and myself. Again, thank you for sharing this moment with us and thank you to everyone who reads this blog.


Jon Asiel

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