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This past weekend we celebrated Linnae’s birthday with a Cinco de Mayo themed party. The party took place at our warehouse in San Jose. We had everybody dress in a Mexican theme (or as my dad says “DRESS MEX”) and had a potluck style dinner together. The food was amazing and most of it hand made. My dad made his famous carne-asada Linnae even made strong, but very good sangria. Everybody pitched in and the food was amazing.


For the décor we sectioned off a small area of the warehouse and fashioned it like a Mexican cantina. Even though we are a design company we don’t have a lot of Mexican themed props lying around so we had to get creative with the décor. Our thought was was to play off of a dark space and saturate it with red up lights and accents of chili pepper string lights. We put our red candles (the same ones that you might see on a table in a Mexican restaurant) on our wrought iron candelabras and the space was filled with a red glow. At night the space was so red that it looked a little more like a brothel than a cantina but it worked for the party. Finally we added Mexican themed props like a Mexican flag, which was predominant in the space and added the perfect touch.


We kept the festivities in the Latin tradition with the music and even had a piñata. It was a fun, “throw it together” type of party. And everybody had a great time. Vincent Fiction of AVL Sound Design rocked out the Spanish mash ups and he had the ladies getting down on the dance floor.


I wanted to thank everybody who came out for this event and made Linnae feel special. We had a great time!


Check back next week, as I will be back to blogging about weddings and other events that we have been working on. Also keep your eyes out because we are having a bigger dance party at the warehouse on June 2nd.


Jon Asiel


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