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When people meet me they are surprised to find out that we do so many weddings. I guess it’s because weddings have a stigma of being boring and white. I try to explain to them that a lot of weddings that we do don’t look like weddings. Yes, there are rings, there is a ceremony and even a couple that will devote their lives to each other. But beyond that, a lot of these weddings just seem like a big party. Dave and Sara are a great example of an untraditional wedding or otherwise known as an “indie wedding.”


Dave and Sara were recently wed at Nestldown, but they did not want the norm. They wanted something funky and cool. They wanted a look that was colorful and modern but would still fit into the outdoor aesthetic that Nestldown had to offer. For their ceremony we decided to break away from adding flowers to the wisteria arch that is there. We decided to instead allow the wisteria arch to be natural and play off of the negative space by hanging various glass globes that each held a single red pom pom. The look was simple yet not simplistic. It had a crisp look to it.


Their centerpieces consisted of three styles. This gave their guests three different options of florals to look at. The first style echoed that of the hanging globes at the ceremony, which consisted of vibrant red blooms encased in glass. This look was eclectic and finished off by a wooden riser. The second style had large pieces of wood that was used as a vase. These wooden structures had red pom poms, anthirium, black monkey tales and succulents that oozed out of them. Finally our tall centerpiece was a sandblasted Manzanita branch that also held the same hanging glass globes that the ceremony had and help make the overall design cohesive. All the centerpieces had vibrant flowers that were accompanied by rustic wood that helped tone down the color and make it make sense in this outdoor setting.


In the end Dave and Sara were happy to have a design that reflected them and their style. Their guests were able to walk into this wedding and know it was their wedding…even though it really did not look like a wedding.


Jon Asiel


PHOTOGRAPHY | rachel blackwell
VENUE | nestldown

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We believe design begins with a relationship of trust with your wedding planner and event designer. When choosing an event designer or a wedding coordinator, we believe that you should feel listened to, understood, and guided through the process in a way, which helps you achieve a look and feel that is personalized to your style. There should be a connection with the designer’s work, esthetic, and a comfort-ability with the professionalism of the company they represent. Mutual respect between the client and the wedding coordinator or event designer is the foundation to a successfully designed event. We believe it is the client who holds all the secrets to their design – what they like, what excites them, and the message and experience they desire to convey throughout their event.
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