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If these pictures were any indication of how much fun we had at the ELECTRO Neo dance party, well then so be it. I was laughing pretty hard when I first viewed the 200+ pictures of the photo booth online. This photo booth was a great way for people to have fun and it was great for us to have pictures of people and their costumes.


For this event I worked with Erin and Dustin of Archival Photo Booth. I have known Erin for years as we went to High School together, but this is the first time we actually worked together. Even though we hadn’t worked together, I thought she was a perfect fit for this party. I knew that she would bring such a positive energy and that the theme would be right up her alley.


For this photo booth we did not want to confine the backdrop to a closed booth but rather opted to keep it open so that we could design a set that was appropriate to the party. We hadn’t created a set for a photo booth before but creating a scene that the participants could interact with really brought another dimension of fun to the pictures. As we designed the set we wanted it to feel different from the rest of the party (which could be described as a mixture of neon, Urban Outfitters and Tron). Rather we wanted the booth to feel slightly more out of place and wanted it to feel slightly eclectic. (Hence our black Gothic Chairs and Disco Ball). Lady Gaga’s ‘video for “Just Dance” was our inspiration. Archival Photo Booth also added a lot of randomness to the look with all of their great props. Not to mention that they were a joy to work with.


I hope you enjoy these pictures almost as much as our guests did. Next time you are throwing a party and looking for an interactive way for your guests to be involved …Think Photo Booth!


-Jon Asiel


PHOT BOOTH | archival photo booth

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