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Yvonne and Christian had a stylish wedding at the Four Seasons located in Palo Alto, California. It was nice to see different design inspirations come together in an eclectic way. I like the pops of color that were chosen for the bridesmaid dresses. We echoed the funky usage of colors in the floral accents as well. It was nice to see the playfulness in the bridesmaid look.


From a design standpoint I got the most excited about using our oversized Estate Gates as a backdrop to the ceremony. One could easily imagine using these gates in an old world themed wedding. But it was a nice change of pace, using them set in the middle of the Four Season’s modern front lawn, which was surrounded by the architecture of the Silicon Valley. We also lined the isles with our cast iron stands that were embellished with medium sized floral arrangements. These arrangements would later become centerpieces for the reception.


As far as the reception goes we used three different styles of centerpieces to give the reception some depth. Having different styles of centerpieces also gives the guests a few different options of centerpieces to look at. The first style we used was a large floral set on top of our ornate Lion Stand. This centerpiece was the most dramatic and my favorite of the three styles. The second style was a lot like the first style, (in that they both were large floral arrangements set on top of iron stands). The only difference here was that Yvonne opted to have us use candelabras that she provided. Finally, the third style was made up of sandblasted Manzanita branches, which held teardrop shaped hanging glass vases. Out of the three styles this style was the most different. The third style was still dramatic, but the sculptural qualities of the branch offset the fullness of the large florals that was seen in the other styles.


Everything came together to create a cohesive look that embodied Yvonne and Christian’s style. When this couple’s guest arrived at their wedding they knew it was Yvonne’s and Christian’s wedding… because their fingerprints were all over it.


Jon Asiel


PHOTOGRAPHY | tanja lippert photography
VENUE | four seasons silicon valley

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