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Here are the official photos from our Electro Neo dance party. The purpose of the party was to bring people together in art and community…oh yes, and to have a great time! We wanted this event to have a collaborative feel by bringing people together to contribute to the ultimate vision of the event. We learned about groups of people collaboratively working together towards artistic goals at Burning Man (Burning Man is a week long festival of art and community). Burning Man was a big inspiration for us. We wanted our guests to feel like they walked into another world, a world of dreams. We wanted to create an event that had soul.


Helping us to achieve this fantasy is a village of talented event professionals and artists. Aaron from AVL Sound Design killed it with a fusion of Electronic Dance Music and some Indie Pop, which had the dance floor hopping. My friend Erin of Archival Photo Booth, brought a whole new dimension of fun, with her elaborate photo booth set up. The pictures that came back from the photo booth were hysterical. Check them out here if you haven’t already. Also Kim of Kim and Nikki Photography did a fabulous job of capturing the energy and vibe of the night as you can see from the pictures above.


Julio from JL Imagination brought in a sophisticated lighting design as he lit up the warehouse. Linnae and I knew that a lot of the design was going to be based on the proper lighting. We also knew that we were going to be working closely with Julio to get the results that we had envisioned. In the end the lighting was phenomenal and we were very happy with the results. Finally the aerial acrobatics of Sydney Lovelle mesmerized our guests. Although it was a dance party the whole place stopped and watched (and sometimes cringed) as Sydney flung from the warehouse beams. Her performance was jaw dropping.


In addition to Burning Man being a major inspiration for us, Urban Outfitters also inspired some of our design concepts. (Check out this storyboard that we used here when we were dreaming up the possibilities for this party). We utilized Plexiglas, rustic wood and even accents of yarn as we played with the details of the decor. On the surface these things may not seem to go together but Linnae made these design elements blend. We also used our oversized 12’ Manzanita branches as focal points around the room. We even wired in light bulbs into these structures to give another layer of wonder. A lot of the materials that we incorporated into this design were recycled materials; Vintage antler horns, white rocks, and glow sticks were among the elements that we played with. In fact, I think the only thing that we bought for Electro NEO was spray paint and yarn. It was an eclectic vision and our goal was to have all these elements come together in a cohesive way.


In the end we were happy with the way it all came together. Electro NEO was an epic dance party and it achieved our goal of bring artistry and people together. Oh yeah and we had a great time too☺


Jon Asiel


DJ | avl sound design
LIGHTING | jl imagination
PHOTOGRAPHY | kim and niki photography
VIDEO MAPPING | opticali
CATERING & STAFF | thomas john events
LOUNGE FURNITURE | hartmann studios
AERIAL | sydney lovelle
BODY PAINT | trina merry
CUPCAKES | jen’s cakes
VENUE | asiel design warehouse

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