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Linnae and I recently had the opportunity to visit her grandmother and grandfather, (Jon and Joanne Mintz). Soon enough the old family photo album came out and I was amazed at what we found. As Linnae and I strummed through the pages we learned about the colorful life of her great grandparents; Don and Betty Galbraith. I have heard stories about Don and Betty. Stories like how Don used to make exotic furniture and how Linnae would remind her family members of Betty. I was amazed to see the photos of this couple that seemed to live their lives so adventurously.


As we looked through the album I was fascinated by how picturesque many of the photos were. Some of the pictures reminded me of old time movies or some type of “staged” postcard, but they were not staged, they were real, and they were of people that we really knew…they were of Linnae’s family. As we looked at the pictures and read the captions, I could only imagine what it was like to be there in the moments when the pictures were taken. What was it like to be with the “gang” at the beach in 1938 or what Don was thinking when he climbed up Half Dome in 1929?


Looking at this album made me stop and wonder, “What would my photo album look like years from now?” It made me wonder what type of memories and legacy I would leave behind. “What will our family and friends say about Jon and Linnae,” I asked myself. In retrospect, Don and Betty’s album inspired me to live a better life…a fuller life. While I have never met Don and Betty, I felt connected to them in some way. Maybe it’s because I married the woman who reminds many of Betty Galbraith. Or perhaps its because others have gone before us and have set the course to living a life that was full of family, adventure and love.


This reminds me of a song I heard today by Billy Joel. The lyrics say; “these are the times to remember…and it will not last forever,” Billy then encourages his listeners to be aware of the memories that they are making and to hold on to them. My hope is that this entry encourages you to make memories and to love your loved one’s, If not today then when?


Jon Asiel

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