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Mina Tran came to us for the floral design for her upcoming wedding. Design was a big deal to her and she was very involved in the process. Mina’s wedding was one of those weddings that struck a cord with other couples and would eventually inspire other weddings. The usage of pink and turquoise was a fresh look. The design was both feminine and modern which makes it appealing to a both men and women.


For the ceremony we strung various glass globes from the arbor at Casa Real. We also used champagne flowing fabric to embellish the sides of the arbor. We kept the rest of the ceremony simple, using petals up the isle and more petals to be thrown by two adorable flower girls. The ceremony had a springtime appeal as the weather cooperated with the design.


The reception aesthetic got a little more ambient. Mina wanted her reception to have a more modern vibe so she used lighting around the perimeter of the reception to set the tone. We kept the tones of the flowers soft and feminine. We utilized two styles of centerpieces to give the tables some contrast and differentiation. The first centerpiece was a cluster of stylish glass vases that were filled with submerged flowers and water. These centerpieces are budget friendly as the amount of flowers that are used here are minimal and the design is supported by candlelight. These centerpieces are beautiful as the candles, flowers and water work together to create a romantic glow the room.


The second style of centerpiece was the more dramatic of the two; this would be our Sandblasted Manzanita branch. This centerpiece is always a favorite. The interesting trick to this centerpiece is that we add in a flower that used to have a very bad reputation, that flower is “baby’s breath.” Baby’s Breath was once the wedding flower of choice, and then over years it got over used and misused. When ASIEL DESIGN came on the scene, baby’s breath had become synonymous with bad flowers. Despite the bad wrap, Linnae and I still saw the beauty baby’s breath, if it were used right. We felt like our Manzanita trees were a good place to use them.


Baby’s breath is soft and whimsical. Within these trees, we used the baby’s breath more like a silhouette to absorb light and shadows when they are pin spotted. The design is soft yet appeals still appeals to a modern look. We then hung the glass globes from the trees, which helped tie in the design from the ceremony.


Finally for the head table we decided to make it a little more opulent so that this kings table would become a focal point. We still used the Manzanita Trees, however this time they were embellished with clusters of various pink flowers. Down below the branches we added arrangements of pink centerpieces to line the head table. The additional flowers made the head table more dramatic.


The design tied in together well and it looked beautiful. Congratulations to Mina for having a vision and trusting us with it. And even more so, congratulations to Mina and Ty, because even more important then having a beautiful wedding is having a beautiful marriage.


Jon Asiel


PHOTOGRAPHY | tyler vu
VENUE | casa real

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