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Recently Linnae and I had to the opportunity to travel to Mexico to celebrate our eleventh anniversary. Linnae and I got married when we were both ten years old…(; We stayed at the fabulous Cabo Azul resort in Cabo San Jose (which I will blog about later). However the pictures above are from one of our day trips in Cabo San Lucus.


Cabo san Lucus is mostly known for it’s party scene and infamous hot spots like Margaritaville and Squid Row. Allow though Linnae and I have been known to like to party, this sticky part scene was just not for us. We instead ventured off the beaten path and got a little further into the streets were the locals lived. I hope was to experience art and culture.


As I look at the pictures from our trip it is easy for me to see that we found a lot of what we were looking for. Our first order of business was to go shopping for some items that were “hecho in Mexico.” Before we left the US, I would have never thought that we both would find gigantic sombreros, but we did. It was probably the most “tourist” thing we could have done but it was a lot of fun. As we wandered the streets locals would beep their horn and cry out “viva Mexico!” I wouldn’t have thought that Linnae and I wearing these hats would enthuse the locals so much but they did. Next we wanted to find the best fish tacos in town. We wanted to go were the locals go and not a tourist trap. After asking a few people we stumbled into hidden taqueria. Linnae and I were the only Americans there and we were also the only ones wearing sombreros bot it was worth it.


On our way back to the resort we found an art collective. Within this small community we found an interior design studio art gallery, wine bar and restaurant. Most of the pictures above are from this collective. I was extremely impressed by the ascetic that we found here. It was here that I realized that I love Mexican design. I do not love all of it, but what I found here was right up my alley. The concepts were of religious inspiration and old world. Mexican design has a folk aspect and is vibrant with its usage of color and vitality. It has a life to it that is warm and hospitable much like it’s people.


I know that what we saw inspired both Linnae and I and that these inspirations will be popping up in future events and photo shoots. As I reflect on our trip and these inspirations I concur with the people of Mexico in saying; Viva Mexico!”


Jon Asiel

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  • Kimiyo Cordero

    Jon these pictures are so inspiring and amazing! I am excited to steal some ideas for my house as I FINALLY in interior decorating stage! After having my son for 3years time has slipped by and I have not even unpacked all I have from moving 3 years ago! Now being an art teacher and photographer I am more than inspired to convince my hubby we NEED to go to Mexico! Thanks for always sharing your creative endeavours! And indeed….via la Mexico!