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Melinda and Alex had one of those timeless San Francisco weddings. You know the type, a beautiful wedding at a gorgeous venue with classic décor. But for Linnae and I, this wedding felt a little out of the ordinary. There was something different about it. Maybe I feel this way because we had gotten to know the Melinda’s family a little better this time around as we did the décor for her sister’s wedding a few years back. Or maybe it felt different because this couple brought so much of their own style and class to their special day.


Everything seamed to be done right. From the dusty blue brides maid dresses to the classic black tie affair. Melinda and Alex’s wedding was formal but not boring. This is the goal for many brides and grooms who choose to have a classic wedding in the city. I laugh, as I hear a famous Frank Sinatra song about San Francisco playing in my mind as I think back on this day.


Kristina Taheri did a fabulous job coordinating this event and keeping the event flowing. Ashley Maxwell, (who Linnae and I adore) did a remarkable job capturing the magic of this couple and the essence of the décor. The event was true to what Ashley captured in her photos.


For the floral design we went to two stables of our strongest work. We infused our “Classic Opulence” with “Feminine Glamour” styles (more on the new Asiel styles to come in our upcoming website to be launched soon!). The point here was to not just to throw “gobs” flowers at an ornate ballroom. This wedding was more than that. Linnae infused classic tones of white and cream flowers with sophisticated design elements that kept the look lush yet not gaudy.


The tallest centerpieces were raised with slender glass vases with rhinestone trim. Opposite tall centerpieces were hoisted up by our chandelier stands. These are slender glass vases that are adorned by and strung with jewels. All the centerpieces were finished off with clusters of flowers set in mercury julep cups at the base of the table. The look played off the regal Fairmont ballroom and the result was a fairy-tail design that would be fit for royalty.


For the ceremony we played with the same floral color scheme except this time the flowers were accompanied by custom wrought iron stands that we made exclusively for our clients. Our wrought iron lion stands looked at home in the ornate St Peter and Paul Church in which they stood. Personally, I love church design. It’s my opinion that old world church art is the best art out there. Think about the Renaissance period. Never before had art been so greatly funded and the result is timeless architecture and art that still stands and inspires us today. For this reason I am happy and proud whenever our work is featured in such a beautiful cathedral.


The wedding was beautiful. The look is timeless. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into Melinda and Alex’s wedding as much as I have. Thank you two, for allowing Asiel Design to take part in this special day.


Jon Asiel


COORDINATION | kristina taheri events
PHOTOGRAPHY | ashley maxwell
RENTALS AND LIGHTING | hartmann studios
BRIDE AND GROOM ATTIRE | eli thomas and pronovias
HAIR | danielle derksen
RECEPTION BAND | joe escobar band
CAKE | inticing creations
CEREMONY | st. peter and paul church, san francisco
RECEPTION | fairmont, san francisco

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