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Brittany and Brandon’s wedding looks like a storyboard that you might find on a popular wedding blog like Style Me Pretty. It had tons of attention to detail, from the wishing tree to the eclectic dessert display. This wedding was simple, elegant, and sophisticated.


Brittany and Brandon’s wedding took place in the famed Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite. This destination wedding allowed them to wed beneath the massive mountains and trees that Yosemite had to offer. Their ceremony was outdoors whereas they opted to have their reception within a cozy space at the hotel.


For the décor we stayed with soft white color palette and colors were gently introduced into the color scheme by supporting design elements such as stone urns and pieces of burlap. The look was feminine and subtle, which epitomizes the classic vintage look that brides and grooms are happily going for these days.


One of the more unusual flowers that showed up at this wedding was baby’s breath. Back in the mid century baby’s breath was a major stable of floral design for weddings. By the time we started doing wedding flowers in 2002, using baby’s breath was ostracized by the wedding world. A few years back we started to use it as a texture in our Manzanita trees. We wanted something that would give the tree an ethereal look when pin spot lighting would hit it (what better flower to get an ethereal look then a flower that was named “baby’s”….”breath?”). Still back then people gave us funny looks when we told them that we were using “baby’s breath.” And now it is a flower that is getting love again and it fit this wedding well.


As far as design it was the details that maid this wedding special. From the custom paper napkins that read, “eat drink and be married” to the eclectic dessert stations. There was not a detail that seemed to be ignored as far as tying in the classic vintage theme. It was the type of wedding that I could only imagine that one would look back and remember as a day filled with love and thankfulness for the little things in life.


Jon Asiel



PLANNER AND COORDINATOR | high society planning

PHOTOGRAPHY | candice benjamin

VENUE | ahwahnee hotel yosemite

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