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For years I have been going to the Cache Creek River with one of my best friends, Paxton Gunn. We basically make a trip out to Cache Creek and go down the river on semi truck inner tubes. It’s probably not the safest thing to do (being that everyone else pays a guide and goes down the river on a raft). It may also sound like something that “mountain people” do, but it is a ton of fun.


The most exhilarating part of this trip is when we make our way out to Cache Creek on a night when there is a full moon. That means one thing: That we will be brave enough (or stupid enough depending on who you ask) to go on a MIDNIGHT RUN! This past trip was one of those types of trips. A full “moon run” has a mysterious vibe to it, the river is lit with moon light and you kind of have that “sneaking out of the house feeling” that you get when you are a teenager and you leave in the middle of the night without your parents knowing it.


When we are out on the water it’s just us, just friends amongst nature. It’s the type of trip that you bound on. Going down the river may take several hours and in between the rapids we just talk and hang out in our tubes. When the rapids come so does the adrenalin, we clinch onto our tube or a friend’s tube and hope for the best. Aaron helped us to adopt a motto this trip…it goes like this; We put our hands in the middle of a circle and cry out “Goonies Never die!’ This is one of those trips that will fan the fire of the child within.


As I reflect on these memories, I realize how blessed I am to have friends that feel like family, that will take a trip like this with me. Understanding the people on this trip is half the fun. On one hand you have a guy like Paxton, he is a quiet guy, the type of guy who knows how to do just about anything. He may be likened to a real life and younger version of the “most interesting man” from the Dos Equis beer commercial. Paxton is the type of guy who has done a lot of interesting things and been to some peculiar places.


As far as personalities go, I am bookended by my friend Aaron. Unlike Paxton, Aaron is oozing over with passion and excitement over just about everything. To understand Aaron is to know Aaron, and knowing Aaron is an adventure with itself. But what both Paxton and Aaron have in common is this; they both have good hearts and they have both been my friends for over half of my life.


As I write this blog I remember another blog entry entitled “A Life Well Lived.” This blog was written few weeks ago about Linnae’s grandparents, Don and Bettie. It’s interesting how life imitates art. Within the blog about Don and Bettie there were many images of the adventures that they had taken. And I see the pictures that I took from this tubing trip are reminiscent of the adventures that Don and Bettie have taken.


Before I wrote this blog post, I wondered if it was a good idea to blog about this trip. The hesitation came about because most of our blogs deal with design and this entry is a little more on the personal side. I know that a lot of people who read this blog are clients of ours or people who do not know Linnae and me personally. But I feel like there is a message that I wanted to share in this posting. The message is this; take the time to make memories that will last for a lifetime. It’s the times with the people who mean the most to you that matters the most. Besides, it’s not like you have to go down a river on a semi truck inner tube to make this happen.


Also check out our Facebook Cache Creek album to see more pictures from this trip.


Jon Asiel


PS a special thanks to the rest of our friends that joined us on this trip. That means you…. Sydney, Dana, Alana, Jonathan, Jana and Corey!

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