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Elmer and Melissa had a modern wedding in the very urban San Francisco. They were not afraid of color and were willing to step out of the box for a modern design, (which is refreshing change of pace within a bridal world that seems crazed by anything vintage). This couple’s style and aesthetic seemed to flow together seamlessly.


Elmer and Melissa got married at the very old world Bently Reserve and it was fun playing with a contemporary design within this stately building that was once a bank. The juxtaposing of the old and new played itself out perfectly. For the design we stuck with vibrant pops of yellow that were accompanied by very clean silver chrome lines.


This couple chose to do both their ceremony and reception within the Bently. For the ceremony they opted to have chairs face them from all angles so that they could be surrounded by loved ones. The ceremony design was simple and clean as pave floral arrangements were raised up by tall glass vases and plexi-glass pedestals that gave the flowers the appearance of floating in mid air.


The bouquets and boutonnieres had a playful feel to them. For Melissa’s bouquet we used yellow flowers and painted silver thistles. Elmer’s boutonniere was stunning and consisted of a silver “monkey tail” and a yellow “Billy Ball”. We had the most fun with the eclectic centerpieces. For the first centerpiece style we used tall floral arrangements that were moved over from the ceremony. The second style used glass vases that were raised up by clear risers and surrounded by our chrome sculptures. And finally there were our mini Manzanita branches that suspended colorful Billy Balls.


Elmer and Melissa’s design teaches us that it is ok to play when we are designing an event…even a wedding. This event say’s it’s ok to think outside of the box and to have an event that is artistic. This is San Francisco after all and what city is more well known for expressing themselves then this city. This was a fun event and a fun couple to work with.


When thinking about future events that you may have, how are you going to play with design?


Jon Asiel


PHOTOGRAPHY | augie chang

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