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vintage femininity | FEATURED STYLE COLLECTION



Every year, a new wedding theme is designed and created to such a level of inspiration that it sets the standard for a new tradition. Our “Style Collection” is a page on our website were we specifically showcase these kinds of wedding themes. It’s more than just floral design, it’s a living, breathing event where every element plays an important part in making this moment last forever. Asiel Design is proud to showcase this week’s Featured Style Collection: Vintage Femininity.


With distressed textures and French undertones, Vintage Femininity has remained one of our most popular wedding themes for many years. Whether Asiel Design acts as the wedding consultant or floral designer, this design is fun and captivating to create and be apart of, and honestly, it is one of our favorites.


A few things that Asiel Design is known for, are our incredible antique inventory, use of gold and metallics, and architectural elements. And, with Vintage Femininity, we get to use all of these design elements to recreate the most beautiful moments in history, so that you can have the wedding of your dreams today. In addition to the above mentioned, we also use wood flowers and dried mushrooms to add a dynamic and rustic feeling.


Classic youthful femininity throughout time has always been portrayed with elegant whites and champagne colors. However, to capture that mature beauty of Vintage Femininity, we incorporate golds, mercury colors, and cream tones. Fairly sustainable and one of the most popular wedding themes we create, this wedding style will remain timeless forever.


To see this wedding theme and other popular wedding styles, visit our Style Collections on our website. And, to setup your free consultation to discuss your ideal wedding dream, call our office (408) 280-7078 or email us at We look forward to working with you in the future and being apart of the most memorable moment of a woman’s life.



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