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Our passion is to create events that evoke emotion.

We opened the warehouse early on and began filling it with French doors, chandeliers, 7’ stone urns, over-sized mirrors, lion statues and other garden art. We love vintage elements. Although we surround ourselves with these pieces, we actually enjoy modern design and sculpture as well. Today it is packed with various vases, trims, plexiglass pedestals, and 10’ branches as well as the garden art. We have invested into creating sculptural pieces that are more than just flowers.

We are not in love with the idea of JUST flowers in a vase. Although we do love flowers, we don’t see ourselves as florists. We look to metal, glass, mirrors, fabrics, trims, lace, broaches, wire, etc as our elements to design with. When you add flowers to these elements, the flower becomes an adornment as opposed to fluff. Through combinations of angles, structure, and layering, a new piece emerges. We create design Elements. This makes our pieces memorable. We find that men can’t stop talking about the designs as they can relate to the artistic sculpture.

As innovators and leaders in the event industry, our ability to create trends and pull fashion into weddings gave us an edge. Our clients are fashionable and creative. We want their event to stem from themselves. We have couture collections to show design styles including Vintage, Gothic, European, Modern, Indian, etc. We collect or create elements to work into these styles, but we truly start fresh with each client.

We get excited about our clients and offer this unique bio as a way to meet them virtually so that we truly understand each other as we sit down to discuss their visions and make sure that we get to know what they are looking for. Based on their design esthetic, we partner with them to push the envelope and create new pieces. Our designs are as diverse as our clients because they are our starting point.

Some of the things we play with are seductive gothic vases that are complete with a leather bustle and broach, dripping steel pearls coming off of a curvaceous vase, and light emerging through a black lace appliqué. We also love cast iron antique French urns, dangling vintage keys coming from frayed ribbons, rhinestones wrapped up the handle of a bouquet or soft detailed feathers arching from a bouquet.

We want every element to be something that demands to be noticed. Each client that we have the privilege of working with brings something new to the table. It is our responsibility to respond to that client in a way that fosters trust and inspiration. We would love the opportunity to work with you on your event.

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