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A truly memorable wedding is all about the details. From the velvet curtains, etched Venetian mirrors and enormous crystal chandeliers, to the lushly landscaped terraces with panoramic views, The Clift Hotel creates a truly enchanted venue at this modern interpretation of a San Francisco classic. Designer Philippe Stark has an incredible eye for detail and has turned the Clift Hotel into a marvelous venue for events and dream weddings.


The Clift is a boutique Hotel with a lot of character, however, the space is limited. Many couples get married offsite and have their reception at the hotel. For those who do decide to wed at the Clift Hotel, the Spanish Room is a good place for an intimate ceremony. There is a large fireplace in this room that also makes a nice backdrop for such weddings. Floral designers are allowed to add floral treatments and décor to embellish the fireplace and ceremony area. Focal pieces on either side of the fireplace are also appropriate.


Depending on the size of the wedding there are many reception areas to choose from at the Clift Hotel. There is however a dedicated ballroom that makes for a cozy reception site for larger parties. This space is well designed with light gray velvet curtains around the perimeter of the room and stationary mirrors that add to the character of the space.


Most rooms at the Clift are fairly modern with their roots steeped in “Old World Design”; creating a look and feel that is beyond modernity. Having said this, plexi-glass works well as does candles floating in water encompassed by clear glass vases. Crystals, branches, succulents and even wrought iron (not rustic) fit naturally in most of the spaces here. Pave and modern floral designs that focus on flower shapes and repetition also work great at the Clift Hotel.


Metallics, gold, silver, black and sometimes white (depending on the room) all fit naturally, however, don’t be afraid to play with color too. Any deep tones such as red to crimson and purple to violet all work well here. It’s the bright colors such as canary yellow and fuchsia that could clash with the old world undertones that are presented so richly at this hotel.


Lighting embellishes the décor here and only adds to the ambiance. The ballroom has no windows and is void of natural light, so all lighting in this space is artificial. LED or incandescent lights work well in the space. Remember that all the rooms are very sophisticated and the color tones selected should be as well. Stay away from any overly saturated blues, yellows or greens. You can use modern lighting features, but stick mostly to an old world color palette. The exception to this rule is magenta and rose pink.