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Kohl Mansion

The Kohl Mansion is the Mid-Peninsula’s most sought after Mansion Venue. With a Grand Hall that oozes with character, beautiful surrounding rose gardens, and detailed side rooms for dancing, cake, or cocktail hour, there is no wonder why this venue is so popular. The Kohl is an architectural gem. The details are immaculate. It is among our favorite spaces as it is so memorable. It just stands out and makes every event feel grandiose.


Weather permitting; a lot of brides and grooms utilize the lush lawn to host their ceremony. It is a large lawn so space is typically not an issue. A lot of times the floral designer will bring out some type of archway or ceremony structure to create a focal point. You can face your ceremony away from the gardens for a clean backdrop and beautiful entrance. Occasionally it does get windy there, so properly adhering a structure to the ground is wise. If weather is an issue we have had some clients preform their ceremony in the “dinning hall”. The dinning hall is a soft minty green room that is perfect for winter weddings.


Most clients utilize the stunning “Great Hall” as a place to host their reception although some brides decide to use the garden patio. The Great Hall has strong Architectural gothic features. So working with the room is a must. It’s not a room that you want to fabric drape or hide. The coloring of the space is a dark wood color with beige drapes and other earth tones. Although the space is dramatic, brides and grooms alike love the charm that this space has to offer. It carries a warmth and masculinity.
Space permitting, many couples utilize the Great Hall for dining and dancing but we have also seen the Dining Hall as an overflow room or for dancing. This room is a very different look from the Great Hall. The coloring of this room is a tasteful mint green with white trim. This room boasts of femininity with crystal chandeliers. This room lets a lot of light in with its oversized windows and has a view of the rose gardens. It is also perfect for a lounge and coffee bar.
Finally the Black and white room is a favorite for those hosting an event here. It is a charming room, reminiscent of the playfulness of Alice in Wonderland. This room is often used for the desert or cake.


This space is so well designed that a lot of different styles work here. Anything vintage or old world is a natural fit. But a modern look also works well here if it is pulled off right. When properly executed a modern look is interpreted as a juxtaposition to the old word space rather than a style out of place.
We love our lion stands in this place as the ironwork plays off of the drama of the gothic tones. We also really like our Marie Antoinette fabric wrapped vases here as they pull off a feminine tone and were actually designed for this room. It offsets the masculinity blending into a perfect match.


Anything Cream, Gold, Metallics, Black (as an accent), White, Yellow, Crimson Red, shades of Blue, soft Pinks and Purples tend to work with the dramatic setting of the great hall. Those colors also work outside in the garden, although almost all colors work outside. I love a soft Cream or Champaign fluffy fabric for the cake table, in the black and white room. It also looks great with a pop of color such as magenta or yellow.
Colors to be cautious of is anything that is overly dark (black and dark plum) as it can be lost in the dark walls of the great hall. Although with proper lighting to accent the décor you can get away with it.


Lighting is a good idea for this space. The décor at the Great Hall can get really dark at night. The Kohl Mansion will allow lighting companies to pin spot the tables from the upstairs balconies and this by far is the best way to light the tables. I always say that if you pin-spot the dinner tables it makes your table centerpiece feel twice as beautiful.
Also candles are a great idea in this space as it just enhances the warm old world charm of the surroundings.