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Nestldown is a highly sought after wedding location and one visit to the property will easily capture your heart forever. A big selling point for this venue is its outdoor charm. In fact, most couples who choose Nestldown for the wedding of their dreams usually do so because of their outdoor space. Nestldown also features many fantasy elements such as a working mini railroad, a cottage that looks like it would house Snow White and a few of her dwarfs and several unique plant sculptures throughout the property. Nestldown is family owned and a labor of love.


Virtually all couples who decide to have their wedding here do so down by the pond in front of the wisteria trellis. The property does allow floral designers to add flowers to this beautiful structure, however they must do so with caution. Un-coated wire (which is often used to attach flowers to such structures) will cut and kill the wisteria vines. Specially coated wire or pipe cleaners must be used on this delicate arbor. Also, be aware that wisteria is seasonal and the amount of wisteria on the structure changes throughout the year.

Simple isle décor adds a nice touch and does not need to be elaborate. Pedals are allowed, but must be thoroughly cleaned up shortly after the conclusion of the ceremony.


Many couples choose the outdoor setting for their reception and set their dining tables outside of the barn. Other couples opt to set their dining room tables inside of the barn and play off of the indoor rustic charm. Virtually, all couples choose to have their dancing inside of the barn and conclude their reception indoors, especially, once the sun has set.


Anything, rustic, vintage, organic and “outdoorsy” feels at home here. It’s usually one of these looks that brides and grooms choose for this space because it fits so well with the atmosphere of the property. Rustic wooden boxes, vintage lace, Manzanita trees and succulents all look very beautiful in this woodsy place. Nestldown is also a great place to play with vintage rentals such as old trunks, typewriters and anything antique. Eclectic also looks good as long as it is well designed and does not feel like it was thrown together.


Nestldown is a good place to play with color. White, pink, and lavender all play well with the outdoor elements. That said, Nestldown is a place was you could be a little bolder and utilize such colors as teal, fuchsia, yellow and orange. I’ve seen black and silver work here, however, it’s not my first choice as this is a venue where you can really get away with colors that other venues will not safely allow.


Lighting is pretty important in the barn especially for dancing after the reception dinner. The barn takes amber up-lights well. I’ve seen LED up-lights used in the barn, but I’m a little more partial to incandescent lighting as the surrounding area is so rustic. Also, if you want a romantic, ambient setting then definitely have candles at you reception. These candles will need to be enclosed in glass votives.

Finally, for indoor after parties that are utilizing a DJ, I would check with them to see what dancing lighting they are planning on bringing. Green and Red lasers just don’t make sense in the barn, especially with rustic décor. Ask to see pictures and choose a dancing/lighting design that you feel comfortable with.

If you are planning on having your guests outside after dark, it’s not a bad idea to through some pattern washes into the areas where they will be. Also, consider lighting washes on outdoor food or beverage stations where people will be spending time. It gets very dark outside once the sunsets at Nestldown.