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The Ritz Carlton Half Moon bay is one of the most sought after destination wedding locations on the west coast. This stunning venue literally has the best of both worlds: Beachfront property and big ball room capabilities. Add into the mix, Ritz Carlton service and attention to detail, and you are well on your way to the event of your dreams.


A lot brides and grooms utilize the outdoor gazebo for their ceremony and cocktail hour. It is customary to have the floral designer add flowers and (or) fabric to decorate this wooden structure.

For ceremony, we recommend adding large vocal points up the isle or flanking the Gazebo. However, if you do decide to add such pieces, just know that it does get windy and each piece needs to be properly secured. Sometimes, the Ritz will even allow the floral designer to add florals designs into their large stone urns which are very secure.


The Ritz ballroom is a great space that boasts a traditional “big ballroom” feel. The colors to keep in mind are the neutral cream and beige walls. The ornate navy blue and beige carpets are predominate in this room. The ballroom also has elegant chandeliers and sconces through out the space. (*Please note that the Ritz also has smaller spaces to host events that have the same architectural features that are listed above.)

The ballroom is tasteful and has “old world” sensibilities. That being said, anything classic tends to work here. The ballroom is big and the ceilings are tall, so over stated centerpieces or focal points around the room help to fill up the space. This does not mean that a modern ascetic look does not work here; you just have to be careful with it and it has to be done well. It’s got to be a clean design; also take note that plexi glass does work here.


Décor that has an ocean feel is appropriate for this ocean front venue. We also love to use our lion stands here as the Lion emblematic of the Ritz logo and style. In addition, as noted above, plexi glass helps draw in a modern feel. Finally, Candlelight is almost always a must with this space.


Anything Cream, Gold, Metallic, black, white, yellow, shades of blues, soft pinks and purples tend to work with the neutral surroundings.

Colors to be aware of are vibrant pinks, oranges, reds, and greens. And, even though they all work at the Ritz-Carlton, they tend clash with the neutral walls and need to be handled with care. If you choose to use these colors, you will want to have the proper lighting and (or) fabric drape to bring the design together.


This is a great space to add lighting to if the budget allows. Anything amber, gold or neutral without a super saturated hue is the most natural fit. If lighting is not an option, allow the room to be dim and add candlelight.